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Halloween Coffin
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Church of the Coffin
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Coffin It Up
Handmade Custom Coffins

Coffin making is no longer something that is commonly done here in the United States. Coffins as burial receptacles have been replaced with modern day caskets, and cremation urns. However, coffins are still widely used in Europe and other countries. Coffin it Up features coffin furniture, jewelry and storage boxes, and actual coffins for burial.

One of the first occupations known to man was the “coffin maker”, and the very first saw blades made to cut the boards to make coffins were fashioned of Obsidian. Because of this, along with our custom-made coffins you will find coffin jewelry, most of it made from obsidian, and saw blades (as well as blades of other types) painted with coffin and grave-related scenes.

The coffins you are about to see are but a sampling of what is possible. If you have a specific coffin need or idea, it can and will be created, if you desire. Prices will vary, based on coffin type and materials used.

The possibilities lie within your imagination.

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If you see a particular style of coffin that you would like, just ask. It can be re-created to meet your needs. All wooden coffins can be stained or painted to fit into your décor, or can simply be varnished to show the true beauty and color of the wood. As always, the choice is yours.

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Slayer Coffins
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Jack & Sally

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Church of the Coffin Coffin Gallery Coffin Jewelry

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Painted Blades
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