The Man, His Coffin: The Ackerman!

John Ackerman is an amazing man on an amazing mission. Somewhere on his journey, he had a vision. A vision which eventually led him to Bryan. After much talking and planning and exchanging ideas, Bryan agreed to create his burial coffin. If you would like to learn a little about him, watch here:

He found Bryan in 2019, and the coffin was created in 2020 and is now in his possession. We normally do not post photos of the burial coffins Bryan creates, but this time is a little different. John gave us permission to use his photos of where the coffin is and will remain for eternity. John will be on display in The Ackerman when the time comes, which we hope will not be for a very long time.

The Ackerman is 24 inches wide, 84 inches long and 19 inches tall with the lid. The whole coffin is made of 14 gauge food grade stainless steel. It weighs approximately 300 pounds.

Special features: 2 carbon vents (by feet), removable back board (for transport of remains thru cave), adjustable height bed, 6 inset handles, matte finish on exterior, coffin gather look treatment on interior, removable template for remembrance plaque at head of coffin, beveled corners for ease of transport to final resting place, stainless steel security head lockdown lid screws, heavy duty internal bracing, transport bracing for moving of coffin to final resting place.

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Interior and Lid

Backboard and Details
The Ackerman Burial Coffin Template Engraving
The final resting place of The Ackerman.
The Ackerman Burial Coffin placed in the cave system which will be its final resting place. The Ackerman Burial Coffin placed in the cave system which will be its final resting place.

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