Coffin It Up

The Halloween Coffin
The Halloween Coffin
This coffin is 6'4" long, 26 inches wide and 20 inches deep from the tip of the knives to the floor.
The coffin was created using Birch and Maple woods. The Butcher Knife Handles are fashioned of Quilted Maple and Cherry.
The woods used for the inlay of Michael Myers are Mahogany, Pickled Oak, 2 different types of Maple, Fir and 2 different types of Cherry.
The "Coffin It Up" logo is inlaid Mahogany.
The pumpkin inlay is Maple with a custom stain.
The lining is a theatrical silk fabric.
The airbrush design around the lid is in Hebrew.
This is a flare sided coffin. It has a lacquer top coat and a deep epoxy coat over the inlay of Michael Myers to give it a rippling water effect.

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