Saw and axe blades painted by Bryan. Click the images for more details.

Moonrise Painted Saw Blade


Axe painted with cemetary scene


Woodman's axe with a cemetery scene and coffins.


Straight blade painted with a coffin maker scene.

Egyptian skull

Egyptian Skull

Circular blade with an Egyptian skull with coffins.

Skull with Coffin Eyes

Coffin Eyes

Circular blade painted with a skull with coffin eyes.



Circular blade depicting a raven.

The Waiting Mortuary

The "Waiting" Mortuary

Circular blade with oak hanger.

Hearse at the Church

Hearse at the Church

7" circular saw blade.
The Undertaker

The Undertaker

Straight blade with a carved coffin-shaped wooden handle.

Blood splattered coffins

"Blood" Splattered Coffins

Church with coffin windows

Church with Coffin Windows

Graverobber sawblade painting

Grave Robber

Circle of Coffins

Circle of coffins.

Straight blade painted with a sentinal

The Sentinel

Straight blade painted vertically.

straight blade painted with a storm and grim reaper


Straight blade painted vertically with a Grim Reaper image.

European Grave Digger

European Grave Digger

24" straight blade painted vertically

Vampire Skull Blade Painting

Vampire Skull

Death Iris coffin painting

Death Iris Coffin Painting

Death Daisy coffin painting

Death Daisy Coffin Painting

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