Painted Blades
Blades Painted by Bryan

Axe painted with cemetary scene

This is a woodmans axe, with a cemetery scene and coffins painted on it.

This is a saw blade painted with a coffin maker scene.

This is another saw blade with an Egyptian skull with coffins.
Skull with Coffin Eyes

Saw blade painted with a skull with coffin eyes.


The Waiting Mortuary

The "Waiting" Mortuary.
This grave related painting is done on a 22 inch round blade. The hanger is made of oak, and the eyes are of Fire Obsidian.

Hearse at the Church

"Hearse at the Church" painted on a 7" circular saw blade.
The Undertaker

The Undertaker
This painting is done on a straight saw blade with a carved coffin-shaped wooden handle.

Blood splattered coffins
"Blood" Splattered Coffins

Church with coffin windows
Church with coffin windows in the cemetery.

Graverobber sawblade painting
Grave Robber

Circle of Coffins
Circle of coffins.

The Sentinel


European Grave Digger
European Grave Digger
24" Blade
Vampire Skull Blade Painting

Vampire Skull Painting

This skull was painted on a 10 inch circular blade.

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