Jack and Sally Wedding Serving Set

This set was made for a very special couple. They have been planning their wedding for years, and Bryan made this to help them celebrate their very special day. The set took a few months to complete, because originally the figures were just two chunks of Obsidian. Bryan hand carved them and brought them to life.

Jack and Sally In the Beginning
Jack and Sally Finished

The coffin is made of pine and is painted black. It is 17" tall, 10" wide, and 3" deep. The interior is red brushed vortex sheet metal and red satin fabric. The handles are black nickel. The front of the coffin is plexi-glass, and it has a small latch.

Coffin Storage Case
Coffin Storage Case interior

The coffin sits in an easel type stand, which is also made of pine and painted black. It stands 21" tall and has a coffin top. It locks into place for safety during display.

Stand for the storage case

The Jack and Sally figures were hand carved out of Obsidian.

Jack and Sally
Jack and Sally with blades

Jack's body is 4 inches tall, and 3" wide. He is made of Silver Sheen Obsidian.

Jack Closeup - Front
Jack Closeup - Back

Sally's body is 4 inches tall and 2" wide. She is made of Fire Obsidian.

Sally Closeup - FrontSally Closeup - back
Sally Closeup - Face Detail

Both blades are made of stainless steel. Jack is the cake cutter, and Sally is the cake server.

Jack and Sally Finished and Settled in Their Coffin.

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