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The Coffin Bathroom

The homeowner also commissioned Bryan to create a few coffins for her bathroom. She wanted to stay with the same "feel" as her kitchen, so Bryan created three more coffins for her.

The Bathroom - Before Coffin Bathroom - Completed
The Coffin Bathroom - Completed

The Coffin Mirror

This coffin is made of solid maple and is mounted on the wall above the sink. It is 48" tall and 24" wide.

Coffin Mirror
Coffin Bathroom - Mirror
Coffin Bathroom - Mirror Detail

Medicine Coffin

This upper coffin is 36 inches high, 15 inches wide and 6 inches deep. It has 2 shelves.

Medicine Coffin
Medicine Coffin

Lower Bathroom Storage Coffin

This coffin is 36" high, 15" wide and 12" deep. It is wall mounted (without a base) and has 2 shelves.

Coffin Bathroom - Storage Coffin
Coffin Bathroom - Storage Coffin
Coffin Bathroom - Storage CoffinCoffin Bathroom - Storage Coffin Side

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