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The Coffin Kitchen

3 Coffin Cabinets (uppers)

These three coffins are 36" high, 15" wide and 12" deep. They each have 2 shelves. There is accent lighting between them at the top. On the bottom Bryan also created a handmade maple plate/platter rack on one side and a maple wine rack on the other

Coffin Cabinets
Coffin Cabinets
Coffin Cabinets - Open
Coffin Cabinets - Interior Detail
Coffin Cabinets - Center Interior Detail
Coffin Cabinets - Side
Coffin Cabinets - Plate Rack Detail
Coffin Cabinets - Wine Rack Detail
Coffin Cabinets - Side View

Single Upper Coffin

This coffin is 36" tall, 15" wide and 12" deep. It has full overlay hinges and 2 shelves. There is accent lighting in between the coffin and the wall.

Coffin Cabinet - Single
Coffin Cabinet - Open
Coffin Cabinet - Side View (Single)

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