Coffin It Up - Pre-Need Human Burial Coffin/Coffin Display Case

Pre-Need Human Burial Coffin

This coffin can be used for human burial, and it can also be used as a coffin display case until it is needed. The lid can be stored behind the coffin, or it can be hung on the wall as "art", or legs can be attached, and it can serve as a coffin coffee table.
The shelves are easily removed when you are ready to use it for burial.
It is made of pine and maple woods. The pine is finished in a glossy black lacquer, and the maple is a natural finish. The inlaid bats and moon on the lid are fashioned of natural fir. There are also tree limb paintings on the lid. The coffin is 70 inches tall, 25 inches wide, and 15 inches deep. It sits on a half coffin shaped base, which is 19.5 inches by 21 inches and can also be easily removed when used for burial. It has 5 full sized shelves which are 13.5 inches deep, and 2 mini shelf-ettes which are 7 inches deep. Included are 6 ornate silver coffin handles.

Pre-Need Human Burial Coffin - Interior

Pre-need Human Burial Coffin - Side

Pre-need Human Burial Coffin - Front Detail

Pre-need Human Burial Coffin - Interior Detail

Pre-need Human Burial Coffin - Handles

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