The "Our Darling" Purse

This is the 14th coffin purse in the limited edition series, and it is the 4th coffin purse created for Octaviana Corsetry.
It is 14-1/2 inches long, 7-3/4 inches wide and 4-1/2 inches deep. It is lined with wine colored velvet and has a plain nylon strap. There is a vintage "Our Darling" coffin plaque on the front of the purse. It also has 2 vintage coffin handles, and fleur-de-lis decorations. A vintage coffin screw was used as the closing mechanism.

The customer provided all of the hardware on this purse, so this purse cannot be duplicated.

Coffin Purse #14 - The Purse #14 - back Purse #14-side Purse #14 - front Purse #14 - front detail Purse #14 - side detail Purse #14 - decoration detail Purse #14 - Open Purse #14 Purse #14 Purse #14 Purse #14 Purse #14

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